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Dragonball Super Folge 3

dragon ball super episodenguide. Staffel 3, Folge 1 (25 Min.) Während Goku und Vegeta beim Training sind, kommt es auf dem Planeten von Meister Beerus zu einer heftigen Explosion. Beerus. Dragon Ball Super/Episodenliste. aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Zur Navigation springen Zur Suche springen. Diese.

Dragonball Super Folge 3 Inhaltsverzeichnis

Beerus sucht nach dem Super-Saiyajin-Gott aus seinem Traum, um gegen ihn zu kämpfen. Er hört, dass der mächtigste Saiyajin sich auf dem Planeten des Kaios des Nordens befindet, und macht sich mit seinem Diener Whis auf den Weg dorthin. Alle neuen Folgen der Anime-Serie "Dragon Ball Super" online auf in unserer Playliste am Stück streamen! >>> Hier geht's zu den ganzen. Staffel 1, Folge 3 (25 Min.) Beerus, der Gott der Zerstörung, ist nach 39 Jahren erwacht, um den Super-Saiyajin-Gott zu bekämpfen. Er soll sich auf dem. Staffel 3, Folge 1 (25 Min.) Während Goku und Vegeta beim Training sind, kommt es auf dem Planeten von Meister Beerus zu einer heftigen Explosion. Beerus. Staffel Dragon Ball Super: 4. September ; Länge einer Folge Dragon Ball Super: 25 Minuten Übersicht aller 3 Staffeln der Serie «Dragon Ball Super». Dragon Ball Super/Episodenliste. aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Zur Navigation springen Zur Suche springen. Diese. Dragon Ball Super (jap. ドラゴンボール 超 ( スーパー ), Doragon Bōru Sūpā) ist eine Animeserie, die von Tōei Animation produziert wird. Die erste Folge wurde am 5. 3 Manga; 4 Episodenliste; 5 Film; 6 Weblinks; 7 Einzelnachweise​.

Dragonball Super Folge 3

Dragon Ball Super (jap. ドラゴンボール 超 ( スーパー ), Doragon Bōru Sūpā) ist eine Animeserie, die von Tōei Animation produziert wird. Die erste Folge wurde am 5. 3 Manga; 4 Episodenliste; 5 Film; 6 Weblinks; 7 Einzelnachweise​. Beerus sucht nach dem Super-Saiyajin-Gott aus seinem Traum, um gegen ihn zu kämpfen. Er hört, dass der mächtigste Saiyajin sich auf dem Planeten des Kaios des Nordens befindet, und macht sich mit seinem Diener Whis auf den Weg dorthin. Staffel Dragon Ball Super: 4. September ; Länge einer Folge Dragon Ball Super: 25 Minuten Übersicht aller 3 Staffeln der Serie «Dragon Ball Super». Durch Puls Tv Kampf amüsiert will Beerus der Erde jedoch noch eine Chance geben — auch weil es schade um das gute Essen sei. V Jump. Bevor die beiden jedoch ernsthaft gegeneinander kämpfen können wird Black durch den Riss wieder in die Zukunft gezogen. Migatte no Gokui ga Daibakuhatsu!! Die Episode "Erwecke deinen schlafenden Kampfgeist! Nur noch einen letzten Triumph vom Turniersieg entfernt, trifft das Team aus dem siebten Universum auf Hit, 937 stärksten Kämpfer des sechsten Game Of Thrones Staffel 7 Episode 8. Da sie jetzt wissen, dass Zamasu in der Zukunft böse werden wird, oder es bereits ist, machen sich Son Goku, Beerus, Whis und der Kaioshin ins zehnte Universum auf, um Zamasus Lehrmeister zu warnen. Masaka no Fukkatsu! Khary Payton versehentlich von einer Attacke Basils verwundet, wodurch Boo wütend wird und Basil kurzerhand mit einer starken Attacke aus dem Ring befördert. Verwandle Wut in Kraft!

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Dragonball super folge 3 Beerus gegen Goku! Freezer und seine Soldaten rücken heran! Die Auferstehung des bösen Imperators! Freeza and 1, Soldiers are Fast Approaching! Son Goku kämpft unterdessen Anhänger Oelsnitz Caulifla und Kale.

Vegeta is very angry this time, he is going to face beerus this time. Even he was no match for Beerus. Goku showed up and asked beerus for bit more time to gain more information about super saiyan god.

Thursday, September 10, Dragon ball Super Episode 7. Vegeta is getting pissed off, because Beerus smacked Bulma away.

Dragon ball Super Episode 6. The Heart Pounding Birthday Party. Destiny of the planet earth depends now on Vegeta. Goku wants to return to planet earth but King Kia holds him down.

Beerus finds vegeta and ask him information about super saiyan god. Bulma showed up and meets with Beerus and wils, and she offerd them some food.

Dragon ball Super Episode 5. Goku vs. God of Destruction Beerus Beerus has finally reached Goku , King kai is very nervous about this situation.

Goku wants to fight against beerus and turns in super saiyan 3. Even with his full power he cant face Beerus.

King kai tying to stop this fight , is he able to do that? Dragon ball Super Episode 4. Title: Aim for the Dragon Balls!

Pilaf Gang is back they aim for the Dragon Balls but with an other strategy. King kai just noticed that Beerus was on his way to meet Goku.

Kai is freeking out he is very afraid of this situation! Dragon ball Super Episode 3. Look for Super Saiyan God!

But Vegeta and Goku Dont show up on her party Bulma gets very angry of this situation. Dragon Ball Super Episode 2. Vegeta goes on a Family Trip?! Bulma and Trunks are happy with an unexpected family time together but Vegeta is bothered by that Goku is training with kaio.

He cant standing longer with is family and he restart his training. Beerus and Whis goes this time to an prehistoric planet and he destroys this planet too, But old Kai and Kibito Kai sense the destruction of the planet.

Who is getting the Million Zeni?! After Goku defeated Majin Boo, peace has returned to Earth. The first episode begins! Chi-Chi wants Goku to get a job, Goku works as a radish farmer.

Trunks is risking everything to get back to the past to find help. But will he escape the new evil that threatens the future in time to get help from our heroes?

With barely enough time to stop the dark entity that's after him, Trunks travels back to the past. But when he arrives, can present Trunks handle seeing his future self?!

After regaining consciousness, Future Trunks describes how he came to arrive in the present. But apparently not even the gods are allowed to meddle with the past.

Bulma and Future Trunks might have a bit of explaining to do. Black suddenly appears from a mysterious portal. Goku sees this as an opportunity to test his look-alike's power firsthand.

But while the battle rages on, Black glances at the time machine with a sinister look in his eye. Bulma gets to work repairing the old time machine that she's kept.

Meanwhile, Future Trunks recalls his experiences with Mai. But two questions remain: why does Black have a time ring? And what's the extent of his power?

Repairs on the time machine continue, so Future Trunks goes to visit an old friend. However, times have changed, and the reunion isn't quite what he expected.

The nature of Black's power remains a mystery, so Whis, Beerus, and Goku go to the 10th Universe to find answers.

Will challenging an apprentice Supreme Kai really help with the investigation? Goku seems to think so.

The time machine repairs are finishing up. Vegeta and Future Trunks go training, but the extent of Vegeta's power is unlike anything Future Trunks has ever seen.

Zeno demands to meet with Goku and asks him for something very odd. Meanwhile in the 10th Universe, Zamasu's hatred for humans grows. Future Trunks, Vegeta, and Goku finally use the time machine with intention to confront Black.

But when they arrive, they're greeted by a familiar face and an unfamiliar power. Will they be able to stand up to this new threat?

But can they hope to defeat an opponent who brushes off even the strongest attacks? Zamasu's mind is wandering down a dark path.

Goku and Whis think they've solved the riddle regarding his and Black's strength. His malice may be unnoticed now, but Zamasu's ill will is beginning to dismantle his innocent facade!

Supreme Kai Gowasu is in grave danger! Now that gods are involved, Zamasu's treachery isn't a mortal matter anymore.

Beerus will have to take matters into his own hands. Beerus is convinced that his actions should've influenced the future, but Future Trunks isn't so sure!

The future is unchanged, Black isn't what Goku had initially thought, and the situation has escalated to something more severe. With this new information, will the Saiyan trio fare better than before?

Fighting rages on, and things are looking grim for our heroes. They might not be able to win, but Future Trunks can at least defend the others while they escape!

Time is running out, but a new strategy may be the key to victory. Future Trunks challenges Black and Future Zamasu on his own.

Goku, Vegeta, and Bulma hurry back to save him, but upon arrival, the time machine is damaged! This time the Saiyan prince is itching to dish out some payback!

Vegeta's rage inspires Black to draw upon his own anger and unleash a devastating new ability. Mortal arrogance is proving to be a large enough thorn in Future Zamasu's side that a permanent decision must be made!

Zamasu and Black merge into an immortal being with limitless power. Is this the end of Future Trunks' world? Is there any hope left for a victory?

Merged Zamasu's immortality is limited! Vegeta and Goku ask the Supreme Kais for help. Will their combined strength prevail over such a significant threat?

Is this the chance for Future Trunks to get his revenge? Merged Zamasu's ashes rises a universe encompassing darkness. Out of energy and out of options, Goku needs some help, and fast!

Bulma tries to secretly build a time machine despite Beerus' disapproval. During an invention award show, a robot girl crashes the party.

Tricked by Dr. Mashirito, she has an urge to play and won't let Saiyans get in her way! How can Goku and Vegeta defeat an opponent who ignores the laws of physics?!

Champa really wants delicious Earth food, and what better way to convince Beerus to let him visit than with a friendly game of baseball?

But when the thrill of competition heats up, "friendly" could turn to deadly! Goku is convinced someone is trying to kill him, and he's ready to fight for his life.

However, can Goku withstand an assassination attempt from the brutally efficient Hit? After cleverly saving himself from an instant death, Goku is itching to find out the nature of Hit's abilities.

Will Goku's deductions prevent his untimely destruction? Gohan accepts an opportunity to be a stunt double in the Great Saiyaman movie.

But keeping his identity as the real Great Saiyaman a secret will be difficult when there's a parasitic alien floating around town! Barry, the self-absorbed actor, tries to undermine Gohan's reputation!

But when the parasite chooses Barry as its host, it's not just Gohan who's in trouble. With the main actor under alien control, can Gohan save the city and the movie?

Everyone is too busy to spar with Goku, so he seeks out Krillin for old times' sake. Disappointed in his current combat ability, Krillin decides that he's in dire need of retraining.

Upon entering a strange cave, Krillin and Goku are confronted by enemies from their past. Can Krillin find the courage to defeat them, or is history destined to repeat itself?

The Tournament of Power has been on the back burner for a while. Bored of day-to-day work and tired of waiting, Goku convinces Zeno to get the ball rolling!

It's official, the Tournament of Power is announced. There's just one problem: the losers of the tournament will have their universes erased! To introduce his future self to the joys of martial arts, Zeno calls for an exhibition match.

First round of the exhibition match is Basil versus Buu! With no energy signatures to hint at their power levels, the 9th Universe's warriors could be much more powerful than they seem.

But that won't distract Buu from his playtime. Gohan is up next. Out of practice and lacking knowledge of his opponent's tactics, he'll have to learn as he goes.

But soon after the round begins, Gohan is forced to fight blind in more ways than one. The 9th Universe's third combatant tries to talk Zeno out of erasing losing universes.

Zeno agrees on one condition: the 9th Universe must win the exhibition match. If Goku throws the fight, all universes will suffer the consequences!

Insulted by Goku's nonchalance regarding the Tournament of Power, a warrior from the 11th Universe challenges Goku to a battle for justice!

Time to choose a roster for the Tournament of Power, but finding ten of the strongest fighters in the universe is no easy task! Meanwhile, Vegeta and Bulma's child is close to being born.

Krillin must prove himself to both Gohan and Goku if he wants to enter the Tournament of Power. With martial arts tournament rules in play, Krillin's strength isn't solely based on his power level!

Goku tries to find Android In the meantime, the tournament stress is affecting the gods of each universe, causing them to bicker among themselves.

Android 17 has been busy. Not only has he started a family, but he's been training as well. Will Goku see him as a worthwhile member of the team?

And is he even interested in joining? When intergalactic poachers threaten Android 17's island, it's up to Goku to help him save the animals.

Piccolo tries to retrain Gohan. But Gohan will have to draw from past experiences if he wants to reach his full potential.

Goku finds the last two members for the Tournament of Power. But someone from Tien's past interferes with the recruitment process.

There's time for a sparring match before the tournament. It's an all-out fight between two Saiyans! The Zenos can hardly contain their excitement for the tournament to come.

The participating universes are recruiting at different rates, so hopefully they can gather enough warriors before the deadline!

Buu is stuck in a hibernation-like sleep! The 7th Universe is desperate for a tenth member, so Goku seeks out Frieza as a potential candidate.

In the 6th Universe, Cabba and Caulifla try to goad Kale into training with them. Goku meets with Fortuneteller Baba to resurrect Frieza.

Will attempts on Frieza's new life delay their return to the group?! With disqualification on the table, time is running out! Ambushed and outnumbered, Frieza shows his strength.

Can he be trusted, or will his psychopathic tendencies get the best of him? The stage is set and the teams are ready.

The universes finally gather in the World of the Void for the Tournament of Power! Let the battle begin!

With so many competitors on one stage, teamwork is in short supply. Going off alone could mean the elimination of some powerful warriors!

Goku finds himself facing most of Universe 9's warriors by himself. But when Vegeta interjects, suddenly the playing field seems a lot more level!

The erasure of Universe 9 serves as a grim reminder that existence itself is at risk. When the dust settles, Krillin and No. Following Universe 7's first loss, the fighting stage is starting to clear out.

But Goku and Caulifla's dueling triggers a frenzied rage that will permanently alter the arena. Three Saiyans are cut off from their teams, so the Pride Troopers attack!

As the Tournament of Power progresses, teamwork is proving to be a threateningly powerful tactic.

Brianne and her companions from Universe 2 reveal their more powerful forms. It's time to see what they're made of! Has No. Angered by the loss of their teammate but in no position to fight, the remaining warriors from Universe 2 retreat and regroup.

Gohan and Piccolo face off against the last two fighters from Universe Universe 6's Hit and Universe 11's Dyspo clash at breakneck speed.

Even Hit's Time Skip is too slow to be effective against Dyspo! But when a second Pride Trooper intervenes on his teammate's behalf, Goku arrives to tip the scales.

Universe 4 has it out for Master Roshi! Against multiple opponents, how will technique fare against power? A deceptive enemy strikes from afar.

It's up to the warriors of Universe 7 to eliminate these dangerously precise foes! There are 36 warriors left and quality is beginning to overtake quantity.

Since most of Universe 7's fighters remain, Universe 4's Frost is ready to pick a fight with them. While Goku is busy fighting Ribrienne, Gohan faces a fighter from Universe 2, and Frieza's loyalty to Universe 7 comes into question.

What could Frieza possibly be planning? Jiren finally confronts Goku, and so begins a spectacle that will affect everyone on the battlefield!

An awesome flash of light marks the end of Goku and Jiren's clash. When the dust settles, what kind of power will rise from the ashes?

With Goku out of the fight, Hit takes this opportunity to rid the field of its biggest threat. Maybe the key to Jiren's downfall is time itself!

After their tough loss, it's up to the three Saiyans of the 6th Universe to press onward. But with only half the time left and opportunistic fights cropping up across the arena, Cabba is on his last leg.

Goku is still recovering from his previous fight, but Caulifla has ambitions that only Goku can help her achieve. The two fighters quickly gain power in this Saiyan vs.

Saiyan blitz! Kale goes berserk in her and Caulifla's fight with Goku. Power levels continue to grow in a duel that will push both parties to the limit!

Goku and Kefla take center stage as fighting continues among the other universes. How will Goku's stamina hold up against the multiplied strength of two fused Saiyans?!

Goku and Kefla's battle comes to a head! With Goku's Ultra Instinct kicking in, Kefla must risk it all if she has any hope of defeating her opponent!

Who will come out on top?! With most of Goku's stamina spent, fighters from the other universes rush to knock him out of the tournament. The 2nd Universe's warriors of love are out for blood, and it's up to the androids of the 7th Universe to stop them!

On the verge of annihilation and with only a few warriors left, the 2nd and 6th Universes are reinvigorated. Desire to win will push their fighters to new heights!

As more and more universes drop out of existence, most of the remaining combatants are either strong or deceptive. The warriors from the 7th Universe are taken by surprise by hidden threats that are finally making themselves known!

There are three universes left! The 3rd Universe's strategy has worked well thus far, but how will it fare against Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta?!

The 3rd Universe activates its secret final weapon! The 7th Universe will need to combine all their strength if they hope to defeat this quadruple-fused foe!

Only two universes remain! The strongest of the 7th Universe are pitted against the strongest of the 11th Universe.

As the tournament nears its end, it's time for the combatants to push themselves above and beyond! Jiren shrugs off even the strongest individual attacks!

However, can the combined strength of Goku and Vegeta stand up against his immense power? Frieza and Dyspo's duel is accelerating out of control!

As Frieza gets pushed back, Gohan enters the mix in hopes of getting a quick elimination. Because of the 7th Universe's numbers advantage, Android 17 hopes to run out the clock.

When Frieza comes over to provide support, Top is forced to rethink his motivations and will unleash a familiar destructive power!

Both sides are becoming more and more desperate. Top has given up everything to survive! Vegeta gives up nothing! In the end, who will be looking down on whom?!

Jiren is all that remains between the 7th Universe and victory. But with Frieza out for the count and Vegeta low on stamina, how will they compare to one who values strength above all else?

Following Android 17's sacrifice, the remaining Saiyans need time to recover. As Goku rests, Vegeta takes it upon himself to challenge Jiren one on one!

Once again, Goku ascends to new heights. As Ultra Instinct takes over, now it's a matter of whether surpassing his own limits is enough to surpass Jiren!

Goku fights for everyone dear to him. Jiren fights only for himself. Overwhelmed and on the verge of defeat, Jiren's resolve is reignited.

He'll stop at nothing to prevent his past from repeating! Goku and Jiren are at the end of their ropes as the clock winds down! Will the 7th Universe finally emerge victorious?!

Dragon Ball Super. The 6th Universe's Destroyer! His Name is Champa! Season 1. EP 2 To the Promised Resort! Vegeta Takes a Family Trip?

Find the Super Saiyan God! EP 4 Bid for the Dragon Balls! Pilaf and Crew's Impossible Mission! Goku vs.

Beerus the Destroyer! EP 6 Don't Anger the Destroyer! Vegeta's Metamorphosis of Fury! EP 8 Goku Makes an Entrance!

A Last Chance from Lord Beerus?! EP 10 Show Us, Goku! The Power of a Super Saiyan God! The Battle of Gods! Destroyer vs. Super Saiyan God!

A Settlement Between Gods Goku continues the hard fought battle, but his powers still aren't enough to take down the God of Destruction. EP 15 Valiant Mr.

Satan, Work a Miracle! EP 16 Vegeta Becomes a Student?! Win over Whis! EP 17 Pan Is Born! And Goku Goes on a Training Journey?!

EP 18 I'm Here, Too! Training Commences on Beerus' World! EP 19 Despair Redux! The Return of the Evil Emperor, Frieza! EP 20 A Warning from Jaco!

Frieza and 1, Soldiers Close In Frieza plans his revenge against Goku and Earth, but when he learns how strong Goku has become, he begins training.

EP 21 The Start of Vengeance! EP 22 Change! An Unexpected Return! His Name is Ginyu!! EP 23 Earth! Both on the Ropes!

Hurry and Get Here, Goku!! EP 24 Clash! Frieza vs. Launch a Counteroffensive, Goku! EP 27 The Earth Explodes?! EP 28 The 6th Universe's Destroyer!

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Dragonball super folge 3 Dragonball Super Folge 3

Dragonball Super Folge 3 - Reviews und Kommentare zu dieser Folge

Gemeinsam beginnen die beiden Jiren zu attackieren. Der Goldene Freezer will Rache! Originaltitel: Son Gohans Pech!

Dragonball Super Folge 3 Dragon Ball Super Episode 12 Video

Dragonball Heroes Deutsch folge 1-12 Son-Goku jr. Auf Vegetas Bitten hin gibt Piccolo dann jedoch auf und Frosts Disqualifikation wird rückgängig gemacht, da Vegeta Frost in einem Kampf selbst besiegen will. Lily Aldrin Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Blacks ähnlich Wie Kinox To Identität The Originals Staffel 4 Deutschland enthüllt! The Matches Begin! Herausforderung aus dem Weltall! Let's Cinemax Kiel in Baseball! Bulma bemerkt die beiden, und lädt sie ein, auf der Party zu bleiben. Originaltitel: Ist dies das endgültige Urteil? 1 Hour Special: This is the Ultimate Battle in all the Universes! Son Goku vs Jiren​!! Part 1. Originaltitel: The Strongest Enemy Bears Down on Goku! Fire it! Lieferung bis morgen, 3. November. GRATIS Versand durch Amazon. Andere Angebote 36,99 € (16 gebrauchte und neue Artikel). dragon ball super episodenguide.

Dragonball Super Folge 3 Dragon Ball Super

Good Will Hunting Stream German Goku vs Jiren!! Goku vs Kafla! Bis zum Ende des Turniers sind es noch Wohlüberlegt Minuten. Muten Roshi Stakes his Life!! The Last of Universe 6's Warriors! Eine rätselhafte Schönheit erscheint! The Impending Warriors of Justice! Forming the Universe 7 Representative Team. Satan wird kampflos zum Sieger erklärt. Special thanks to the contributors that make this page possible. Goku, Pur+ the Super Saiyan God! The Last Chance From Beerus-sama?! A Reception from Mysterious Assassins?! When Frieza comes over to provide support, Top is forced Venom Putlocker rethink his motivations and will unleash a familiar destructive power! The Universes' Best Tournament!! EP 18 I'm Here, Too! While Goku gets to spend his time training on King Kai's planet, Vegeta is on a family vacation! Beerus gave goku a chance gain more information about super saiyan god.

G Bulma's birthday bash has begun! While everyone enjoys the party, Trunks and Goten snoop around the prizes for the bingo tournament. All seven Dragon Balls await the winner but also attract familiar foes - the Pilaf gang!

G Goku faces off against Beerus in a hard-hitting battle despite King Kai's best efforts to keep them separate. But is Goku's strongest form enough to take on the God of Destruction?

On Earth, Vegeta surprises Bulma by showing up for her party! PG An uninvited guest appears at Bulma's party! Beerus crashes the party and Vegeta is stunned after memories of the Gods visit to his home planet plague him.

He does the only thing he can - ensure Beerus has a good time at the party! The other Z fighters step in, but Beerus proves to be a challenge unlike any other.

But when he threatens Bulma, will Vegeta finally make his move? PG With a new surge of power, Vegeta attacks Beerus! But it isn't enough.

Giving Earth a second chance, Beerus challenges Oolong to rock-paper-scissors. Will Goku arrive in time to help his friends and planet? Rather than a particular person, it is a kindhearted Saiyan who can become one.

But transforming into one requires more Saiyans than they have on board - until Videl reveals a surprise!

Or, well he tries to. The immense power of a God takes a little getting used to but the longer he fights, the more Goku proves hes a real challenge.

The true battle begins! Titles, characters and all other elements are the trade marks and copyright of TVNZ or its licensors.

All rights reserved. Further details available here. Close Video. Home Privacy Policy Changelog. To the Promised Resort!

Vegeta Goes on a Family Trip!? Where's the Rest of the Dream?! In Search of the Super Saiyan God! Aim for the Dragon Balls! Pilaf Gang in Action!

Goku Vs the God of Destruction Beerus. Don't Anger the God of Destruction! Excitement at the Birthday Party. Vegeta's Sudden, Angry Shift?!

Goku Arrives! A Last Chance from Beerus Sama?! Sorry for the Wait, Beerus Sama. Unleash It, Goku! The Power of the Super Saiyan God!! Let's Keep Going, Beerus Sama!

Our Battle of Gods! The Universe Crumbles?! God of Destruction Vs. Super Saiyan God. Goku, Surpass the Super Saiyan God!

The Battle of Gods' Conclusion! Make a Miracle, Satan the Hero! A Challenge from Outer Space. Vegeta Becomes an Apprentice?!

Winning Whis Over! Pan is Born! And Goku Goes on a Training Trip?! I'm Here, Too! Training Begins On Beerus' Planet! Despair Rises! The Emperor of Evil, Frieza, Resurrected!

Jaco's Warning! Frieza and His Troops Approach. The Start of Revenge! His Name Is Ginyu!! The Earth! Absolute Peril! Hurry and Get Here, Son Goku!!

An All-Out Battle! The Revenge of Golden Frieza. Time to Fight Back, Son Goku! The Earth Explodes?!

The Deciding Kamehameha. Off to Zuno Sama's! The Match Begins! Let's All Go to the Nameless Planet! Behold, Universe 6! This Is the Super Saiyan?

Son Goku! Piccolo Vs. Turn Rage into Strength! Vegeta's Full-On Battle. An Unexpected Desperate Battle! Vegeta's Furious Explosion!

Don't Forget Your Saiyan Pride! Vegeta Vs the Saiyan of Universe 6. The Ultimate Warrior of Universe 6! Assassin Hit Appears!!

Will it Come Forth? Goku's New Technique! At Last, It Comes to an End! Is the Winner Beerus? Or is it Champa? Trouble at the Victory Celebration!

Showdown at Last?! Monaka vs. Son Goku. Goku's 'Ki' is Out of Control?! Vegeta Disappears?! The Threat Of Duplicated Vegeta!

Goku vs. Duplicated Vegeta! Who's Gonna Win?! An SOS from the Future! A Dark New Enemy Emerges!! Once More Awaken in the Present, Trunks.

Goku Vs Black! The Closed Path to the Future. Uncover Black's Identity! To the Sacred World of the Kais! Rematch With Goku Black!

I'll Protect the World! Revere Him! Praise Him! Fusion Zamasu's Explosive Birth!! Is This the Final Judgement?! The Ultimate Power of the Absolute God.

The Climactic Battle! The Miraculous Power of a Relentless Warrior! With New Hope!! In Our Hearts - Farewell, Trunks. Come Forth, Shenron!

Whose Wish Will Be Granted?! Goku vs Arale! Champa's Challenge! The Death of Goku! The Guaranteed Assassination Mission. Will There Be A Counterattack?!

The Invisible Killing Strike!! Gohan's Misfortune! An Unexpected Great Saiyaman Movie?! For the Ones He Loves! The Unbeatable Great Saiyaman!!

Defeat These Terrifying Enemies!

Dragonball Super Folge 3